Monday, April 17, 2017

My girl

Jess, Jessica, J-Bird

She's better than a rose by any name, she's my girl!

Jessica has been right by my side from the day I joined their family.  She worked with me before I started puppy school so when I started on my very first day I already was a good listener!  Every day Jessica grabs the treats and we work.  Setting, wait, down, easy, patience, soft mouth, walking on a leash....making my girl happy is the best part of my day!

Jessica has been working hard at the basics so I can eventually be a Therapy Dog so I can visit schools, hospitals, nursing homes, hospice and maybe even funerals!  Jessica's grandparents live across the street so I am know how to behave around someone with mobility issues, Grandpa is unsteady and uses a cane.  Jess calls stores and so far I've been to Lowe's, Academy, Harbor Freight, PetCo, PetSmart, Hobby Lobby, Three Dog Bakery, and several boutiques in downtown Bentonville.  I know how to behave in a store and I love meeting new people.

The Hope's are a 4-H family, fourth generation!  I go to meetings at the Benton County Extension
office, Cave Springs American Legion but my favorite is going to Benton County Quail on Tuesday evenings and all day on Saturdays!!!!  Jessica is a member of the Ozark Youth Shooting Team and they practice on Tuesday nights and all day Saturday.  I started out just going to BB practice last October.  A few weeks ago, Mom took me to the Shotgun Range and then down to the Muzzleloader line.  I never flinched or barked.  My girl was there working hard to be a safe and accurate shooter,  I really had a great time watching her and being loved on by her friends.  I have so much fun going places and meeting new people.

I hope you can see why I love my Jessica so much!  She's very special to me.  Thanks for reading about the things we like to do together.  Come back soon to learn a little more about me and my family!

Love and puppy kisses,

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