Thursday, April 20, 2017


 I'm so excited I could howl!  Today I want to share with you that my account with Azzore's Angels is now LIVE!  In my last post, I told you all about my girl, Jessica.  A big chunk of her grade for homeschool this spring is going to be running the campaign to raise funds for my THR (total hip replacement) surgery.  I'm hoping all my furriends will help spread the word so she can be successful.

Mom says Jessica will be learning things like communication skills, marketing, photography, punctuality and even math.  Jessica has been doing a great job with my instagram account.  You can follow me at Rosiewithanunderbite because Jessica posts lots of great pictures.

Our goal is for me to have surgery in June so that gives Jess almost two months to reach our goal of $6,453.  If you have furriends who you think would like to follow me or donate to my surgery please share my link!  When you share or post about me, please use the hashtag #Hip4Rosie!! All funds donated go directly to Azzore's Angels and credited to Rosie's surgery.  100% of donations through PayPal go to Rosie's surgery no fees!  If there are more donations than necessary for my surgery, they'll go to other pets in need at Azzore's Clinic.  Now it's time for us to do a little training, I just saw Jess grab some treats!

Love & puppy kisses,

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