Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A humble beginning.

I was an accident.  There I said it.  My "biological" family was out of town and my mom, Natasha was young...she unexpectedly went into heat for the first time and my dad, Hulk couldn't resist. Soon there was a whole litter of us looking for good homes.  One day a lady and her daughters came to look at my brother they thought they wanted a boy but they fell in love with me.  There I am in the puppy play pen with my brothers and sisters from that very first day I met my furever family...the Hope's!

Our very first stop was at Dr. Hooper's office, Animal Hospital of Centerton.  They have the furiendliest people there, they loved on me, clipped my nails and made on like I was the cutest puppy they had ever seen.  I'm such a lucky dog to have such a great veterinarian to take care of me.

At my new home I was greeted with some really fun toys, a safe crate, two GIANT cats-Pumpkin and Bandit.  Pumpkin has crossed the Rainbow Bridge since I arrived; Bandit and I are finally becoming furiends. Mom, Dad and my girls Melissa and Jessica have taken fabulous care of me since I became their family.  They cook me yummy food every few days, my favorite combination is chicken thighs, carrots and apples (Mom even cooked me a crepe the other day for breakfast).  They take me to the vet and make sure I have all my shots and that I'm a healthy dog.  I've been through TWO obedience classes, which I rocked and I go almost everywhere with them in the family "van-go" buckled safely in my seat.  I've made furiends all over the world thanks to Instagram and when I shop downtown the nice folks at Three Dog Bakery even know me by name!!

Last month my family did the responsible thing and took me to see Dr. Hooper so she could do my "girl" spay surgery.  While I was sleeping Doc checked my hips and did an x-ray, we suspected hip dysplasia; the x-ray confirmed it and more.  She thought my left hip was the worst because it would just pop in and out while I was sleeping however the x-ray showed that I've actually fractured a piece off of my right hip where the ball popped out so many times.  Dr. Hooper has sent my x-rays to the best puppy surgeon in the state of BArkansas, Dr. Dew.  He says I'm a great candidate for Total Hip Replacement (THR)...it's an expensive surgery.  My family loves me very much and they say it hurts their hearts when they watch me get up slowly because my hips hurt so bad.  I'm only 10 months old but I often get up like a very old lady.

I hope you'll read my next entry  because in it I'll tell you all about my family, their hopes and dreams for me and of course a little more about what makes me fabulous!

Love & puppy kisses,

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